5 Tips to Increase Your Homes Value

Sold homeIf you have been thinking about increasing home value, there are five tips that you might want to keep in mind for your projects. These are a little more left-field than the obvious ideas like tidying up the interior or putting a few plants and Bonsai around the house (and mean you will not have to learn the finer points of Bonsai tree care to make sure they live). The following ideas are great for your home and garden when it comes down to increasing to your home value.

1 – Hardscaping

Generally people will seek to add plants to their yard to add some curb appeal to increase home value. But they often do not consider the value of decorative concrete and rock. The addition of a stone path walkway can lead your eye flow where you want it to go to. For example, directing the viewer around to the side of your house, to where you have placed some concrete planters that contain either lush plants, or maybe water features, like one or more tranquil sounding, self contained waterfalls that can help to reduce some of the noise of the neighbourhood. You can also easily create the illusion of added space by the addition of low concrete and stone walls to define areas and to provide structure to your property line.

2 – The front door

A unique and eye catching front door can add great personality and draw attention to your home. By using architectural window designs in the door, comparative to adding jewels to a ring; or by adding bright color patterns to help define some style; or by choosing a strong solid wood door with relief sculpted decorative embellishments in the surface, such as carvings of flowers or tree shapes, you can add unique and memorable enhancements to the entryway of your home. Home value can also be increased by the inclusion of a screen door that has artistic abstract design or symmetrical patterns in the metal shapes. It’s easy to turn your front door into a local landmark!

3 – The driveway

Often overlooked when it comes to home value, your driveway is more than just a surface to park your car. Repair your driveway or existing paths. Concrete and other stone-like materials can crack over time, or even become stained from use over the years. Think about either repairing the visible damage, completely resurfacing or if budget allows for it, replace the driveway entirely. There are a multitude of highly decorative, patterned driveways that are constructed from stone and brickwork laid out in beautiful stunning designs that will demand a closer look from the street. You can even have regular concrete driveways, enhanced with the thoughtful addition of concrete paint, which is available in a broad range of colours.

4 – Front Lawn

Mowing and maintaining the lawn can be considered a chore for anyone. You either have to buy a lawn mower or hire someone to cut it for you. Why not consider replacing the lawn with beautiful ground cover plants and flowers? Home value can be increased when you add decorative gravels or mulch, which comes in an assortment of diverse materials, including rubber pieces that are available in a wide collection of interesting colour choices. Imagine your faded or patchy lawn transformed into a lush, colourful and inviting natural painting of both plants and materials, to form a fresh, dramatic landscape. There are numerous perennials that don’t die off like annuals do, and many are low maintenance. The inclusion of shrubbery will also enhance the curb appeal, especially when they can be trimmed into interesting shapes, transforming them into topiaries!

5 – Paint

Painting your house is a low cost, high payoff project for increasing your home value. If your home has architectural embellishments to the structure, such as facades or inset details, you can embellish them even more by using contrasting colour tones drawn from the main body hue of your house. Shutters and window trims can also be coated in contrasting colours to add flair and personality to your home’s exterior. Your local paint or hardware store offers paint colour samples that you can get for free, so that you can experiment, mix and match the colours for optimum elegance before you commit to the final paint job. You can also paint a small section first, to make sure the result will be satisfactory.